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You forgot to mention

Dov Zakheim is a rabbi, which really is just another name for a Pharisee, who is a dual citizen to Israel, and who has close ties with the Mossad. The PNAC is a think tank of Neocom's (not con), which is similar to the group or political faction called the Bolshevik's, which followed the initiatives created by Leon Trotsky, aka Lev Bronstein, to created the USSR. The difference in the Bolshevik and Neocom methods is, that the conquering of nations under a Totalitarian Communist regime was an economic failure, so this time around they have altered the governance to a Totalitarian Collective, or Corporatist governance, disguised as a Democracy. If you look at the way the system has been created in this country, they used the Neocom's disguished as a conservative faction to coax the right into following their system, and now it's the Stalinist factions job to lay down the hammer. They use the left vs right paradigm to create the illusion they have different objectives to misdirect the masses, but as we are seeing with the NSA revelations, they are mistakenly exposing themselves as having the same goals.