Comment: Psychological profiling

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Psychological profiling

is the bigger danger out of all of this.
With the amount of data collected and the tools mining, filtering, and analyzing it is quite possible for big brother to know more about us than we do ourselves.

There are very likely triggers in this software that raise flags for analysis based on behavior. Where you drive, whom you visit and how often, where you buy your milk, how often you eat out, your favorite movies, books you read, music you listen to, news articles that interest you, etc. etc. etc. If your buying patterns change significantly enough to match behavior of a particular group you get flagged. You are basically psychologically profiled and categorized.

Those in a category that is likely going to cause resistance to the party in power are going to be much easier to watch and manipulate.
Imagine now that you want to organize a protest. The NSA likely knows about it much sooner than when you even hold your first meetup. Potential protest leaders are targeted and harassed in ways that cannot be proven. Credit card transactions being denied, flights cancelled, name appearing on no fly lists, fraudulent charges draining your bank account at inopportune times, etc.

It isn't so much the data collected, it is how it is analyzed and used to discriminate that has me worried.