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You are so right!!!!!

On that point, we both agree. I think the thing that bothers me is the hypocrisy of it all. We have all sinned and came up short at some point and time in our life. Do I condone using the word, "nigger?" No, do I use that word from time to time when I get angry and turn my brain off? Yes. Does it speak well of me when I use this word? No, Do I want to go and harm a person of color? Of course not.

This women admitted to using this word years ago, for what ever reason but she never used it on air and she is sorry she used it so what should be done? How about a good ole forgiveness and move on philosophy. I know its old and outdated but why not start there.

I have no doubt that black people and white people can live together, they have in the past but I also believe that the men who have taken over this Country have socially engineered white people to not take pride in their heritage. White Women who have watched TV for the past 50 years have been socially engineered to believe that white men are bad and black men are the good kind people who always come in to save the day.

As a white man, I have a problem with that, does that make me a racist? I hope not, I don't think I am any different than anyone one else. I get angry and say things I shouldn't, then I calm down and regret what I said. I don't know to many people in this world who are not like that.