Comment: Discredit campaign

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Discredit campaign

Nothing new here, move along, just the Government at work to discredit a popular "whistleblower"...nothing new.
Next up...A Movie...Yeah, just like they did with the Waco incidence. Somewhere in Psychop 101 it says to make a movie of the event. Keep on Spinning!
Got to make the Government the good guy, and you're either with us or against us.
Isn't that right Dubya?
If Snowden was a "conspirator", I'm sure he'd be doing all this "for profit" too. He's a whistleblower, and they will stop at nothing to make him something else, the infamous "bad guy"...right now, they're working to label him a "leaker" or "conspirator".
They will not stop at trying to turn the people against Mr. Snowden, this is why he had to leave the country and seek asylum elsewhere.