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Well you did say please...

So it is me who has no idea of what liberty is or what the movement is about? Why don't you take a deep breath and relax and sit a spell. You see I am just an ole southern boy who lived in every state on the southern border except California. I went to 28 schools before my 12th grade and have seen more of this Country than most people have.

I was raised up in the South and come from a line of fine men and women. I am proud of my Heritage and believe every person has a right to be proud of theirs also. I have hate in my heart for no one and love liberty as much and anyone. To come in and make such a brash statement so quickly lets me know that you too are in need of help and relief from your brainwashing also.

There is not now nor is there any post that I have ever posted on this site that is racist. I believe that if a women, who by the way I feel used poor judgement, but nonetheless sincerely apologized for her words, then this women should be given a second chance. Under your Philosophy, John Newton's song, "Amazing Grace," would have to be pulled from every hymnal in America because he did use the word nigger often. He was captured and made to be a slave in Africa for 15 months, so yes, when he escaped, you can be sure he used that word often.

Did I tell you he was in the slave trade also? Yes, but he asked God to forgive him. There is now a war against the White Race by those who have captured this Country. It is not because there is any love for the black race either, in fact they hate the black race but they need to collapse this Country so they divide and conquer and teach people like yourself that it is wrong to love your people and your race. Can't we do both? Can't we love "our Heritage" and liberty for all? Or is that just for all the other people but White People?

Liberty and justice for all, or is that all except me?