Comment: looks like that paper just released that info

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looks like that paper just released that info

After reading many of the snippets the SCMP was releasing, it seems that Snowdon was seriously concerned about what the NSA was doing but had no proof so accepted the job with Booz to get the proof.

This may be why the other NSA whistleblowers weren't successful. I don't recall if they had actual proof of what was going on. Maybe Snowden realized this so went to the Booz operation to get the proof. I don't want to 2nd guess his motives at all. The thing I keep in mind is that what the NSA is doing is unConstitutional surveillance on US citizens and nasty snooping all over the world and that needed to get out.

I hate links to HuffPo and don't read them because going there messes up my old pc.

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