Comment: All I need to know is that stealing is stealing...

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All I need to know is that stealing is stealing...

whether someone holds you up with a knife, a gun or a government.

I happen to be a Christian. but ultimately everything in this world is decided by brute force. Freedom means the application of brute force as a means of put an end to itself. We can appeal to higher truths, but he who has the gun makes the rules.

I do believe that I am my brother's keeper. I also believe that once I employ the force of my vote to force my ideas of charity upon others, then it ceases to be charity and becomes theft through the threat of violence. There is no such thing as political action for the collective good. There is only the exertion of Gov't force on fellow citizens,

Does this mean greed is good? Perhaps not. Obsessing over ones-self while being oblivious to the pain of others is probably not good, and probably really is soul killing. But it is for me to decide and for me to face the consequences of the decision. Once I step beyond the examination of my own heart and my own priorities, i step into the realm of bullying, regardless of what spin I try and put on it.

It is estimated that Government killed 150 million people last century, excluding deaths by warfare. Government perpetuates itself and seeks to solidify its control. Government obliterates the individual. if there is a natural law to be applied to political science it is this: The very first tiny step towards compelling others to your will through political action ultimately leads to theft and murder. That is the natural law of that i believe in.