Comment: "First, let us suppose that

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"First, let us suppose that

"First, let us suppose that rights do not exist. If rights do not exist, then it could be said that no person has a just claim or title to anything. If this were the case, we would expect everything to be perfectly communal. However, if no individual could own anything, then by extension, no group of people could own anything either - as this would require the definition of group rights - but we have assumed that no rights exist. Therefore, we have arrived at a logical contradiction, and we must conclude that rights must exist."

This is as far as I can make it. You can not logic, sir. :)

You have created a strawman by claiming that people who argue against natural rights accept group rights. I think you will find this is more often then not, not the case. I could go on and point out the false dichotomy above but... it isn't worth my time. If you would like a lively debate on rights I am frequently in DP chat.