Comment: Does anybody really believe

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Does anybody really believe

Does anybody really believe an election is going to fix anything? If you do, it is very possible you believe in pixies and leprechauns as well. Feel free to walk into a curtained booth at your local indoctrination center and push the colorful button of your choice on your friendly Diebold screen, click your heels three times and say, "I hope it counts,, I hope it counts, I hope it counts..."

As for Sarah don't waste your time;
You all need to know Palin has a Solyndra and worse. She pushed for the commitment of $500 million of Alaska Money for the boondoggle called AGIA. Look it up. Ask Ralph Samuels (, Mike Hawker, or Mike Chenault. History has proved them all right and Palin wrong, very wrong, while Alaskans are out a cool 500M. We are not talking about just loan guarantees here.... This was an out right business deal promoted between the State of AK and Trans-Canada Corp. This is a death nail in any election for her. She could not be elected in Alaska again that is for sure. But watch out Arizona she is establishing residency. Want to bet she runs for McCain's current seat to join Dan Quayle's punk porn publishing kid as a neocon duo? You heard it here first.

She may act folksy and conservative on reality tv but, she is not qualified to be much more than a cheerleader. Sorry folks, I like Sarah personally too (raised money for her gov race, you would have too if you knew her predecessor)...

Don't get fooled that she is an fiscal conservative and a deep thinker of any kind. The AGIA fiasco is proof positive she has no real base economic principles.

She has been going to the neocon school since 2008 to learn about the world she was not prepared to enter when thrust on the scene back then. Let's see how she emerges from that corrupt school of thought. I am heartened a bit to see in her face and in her answers to some questions that she is slightly torn between conviction of a true conservative like a Ron Paul and the easy road to a establishment position and a nice paycheck but, I don't put much credence in it.

Mark my words, she will drift with the political wind and right now it is blowing toward us. She should take the check and stick with the other MSM boobs. We should not ever consider electing her again for much more than dog catcher.

In the end one's politics must be based in principle or they can produce no real leadership. Palin still blows in the wind. Ignorance or ambition, I care not which one causes it. AGIA is a big issue that precludes her ever being considered a principled free market conservative.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.