Comment: A challenge to anyone who doesn't believe in natural rights.

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A challenge to anyone who doesn't believe in natural rights.

Full disclaimer I didn't read OP's post because the title is utter crap. Anyway here is a challenge.

The natural right of Privacy was implied in the 4th amendment, but not exactly explained in the bill of rights? Correct? Lets use this then since there will be no questions of the Constitutional legality.

I challenge ANY fool who doesn't believe privacy, a natural right, or privacy being a natural right to put his money where his mouth is and force government and private facilities across the country to completely renovate bathrooms so that women and mens' bathrooms are no longer segregated and no longer have stalls.

Everyone goes into a room (to protect against bathroom odors until a solution to constantly remove odors and "utility of odor barrier" is solved) to do their business, when they walk in to the room, all they see is rows of commodes.

Everyone can see everything be they woman or man, adult and child. I mean there is no such thing as natural rights according to OP so they should have no problem taking a shit or piss. Simple challenge. Do this, and stop shitting up our site with stupid opinions.