Comment: Ah yes.

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Ah yes.

The gold nugget:

What he and others of the States' Rights school held was that as between state citizenship and federal citizenship, the former was the more fundamental; that, in other words, the latter, except as to citizens in the Territories, was derived from the former. The fact of the federal control of naturalization Calhoun explained by alleging that that power was one which enabled Congress simply to remove the disabilities of foreign birth, the several States being left free to decide whether or not, when such disabilities had been removed from aliens resident within their borders, they should be accepted by them as citizens.

So can we States thus challenge the imposition of these new federal "citizens" upon us, Constitutionally (the challenge being Constitutional; NOT the unlawful imposition)? Seems like a yes, right (If we are so inclined to do, of course)?

What would the Founders do?