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yes, rights have a political

yes, rights have a political existence. you can achieve a political situation where your interests or claims are enforced, and called political rights. you can argue for them from your morality or interests or a lot of sources. but there is nothing inherent in nature that makes these claims BINDING on others. your rights aren't provable or true in a logical sense. they requirre you to exercize your power and combine with others with similar interests to protect your common interests. for the rights to become real, it requires the sanction of the political system. so rights are legal constructs. that's all i am saying.

do a thought experiment. lets suppose that superman was real, and imagine he is a total dick and an evil bastard. he has unlimited power and cant die. no human's power or combined human power can stop him. no possible political activity could establish rights if superman denied them. no moral persuasion could make superman change his ways and respect the interests of humans. in such a world, there could be no rights. they could not be achieved.

they would not be natural, since nature is mute and doesn't care. and they could not be politically achieved, because superman says NOpe.

so you can see via this absurd story, rights can only have meaning if they can be achieved by political means, by the exercise of political power. otherwise they have no meaning and existence in the world.