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why is it that because someone violates a right, it now "doesn't exist"? it seems that what you are saying in the superman scenario is that everyone is "ok" with superman doing whatever he wants with whoever he wants at anytime... because rights don't exist. if rights don't exist, no one would give a flying fuhk what superman did to them. ;) i'm pretty certain people, at least me, would be pissed about it, just as i'm sure there were a few slaves who were pissed about being slaves to the white man. maybe they couldn't do anything about it, but that doesn't change the fact that they have their rights usurped. They still exist, if superman dies they will be able to exercise the rights that have been usurped without fear of superman coming to violate them anytime he wishes.

If someone comes and chops off your hair, it is still your hair no matter who holds possession. Unless you have agreed to part with it, it is rightfully yours. no?

You could argue that some rights are almost impossible to protect without a group of people, etc... but, seriously, because something is taken from you does not mean that it doesn't exist...

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