Comment: Palin gets nods for modifying her neocon stripes

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Palin gets nods for modifying her neocon stripes

to a more libertarian attitude, but she is not as consistent as I would like changing her positions according to the road more traveled. Ergo you cannot be an “anybody but Obama” pol which marked her basic party position in 2012 and concomitantly effectively expose the statists for who and what they are as liberty haters in both parties. As a grassroots spokesperson, she could have railed strongly against the corrupt perversion of delegate votes which helped decapitate Ron Paul’s 2012 POTUS bid and was aimed at squashing future grassroots influence. This will make it harder for conservative constitutionalists and libertarians to prevail in the overall election process. I like Palin more now than when she ran as McCain's VP, but my observation is Palin remains too distracted by mainstream babble to be an effective leader. Notwithstanding that, I welcome her influence in spreading llberty ideas where she can support principled advocates for freedom. I think she is still evolving, but that is not a strong suit when the wheels of time are running out the clock.