Comment: Financial, economic, political and social collapse are likely,

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Financial, economic, political and social collapse are likely,

but the time frame is long relative to our lives, and it is happening unevenly around the world. It is happening in fits and starts, with the last fit being 2008. It is driven by a number of factors including (1)the natural inclination of government to grow and destroy a society via subjugation (more and more laws), (2)the faulty monetary system which is based on debt used as money, which grows at an unsustainable exponential rate, and (3)the inherent fatal flaw in the industrial age relating to ever increasing cost to acquire limited resources based on the "low hanging fruit" principle.

If you have a view of the future that foresees collapse and the ugly consequences, it turns out to be like waiting for water to boil for you; for those unaware it will all come as a big surprise. There is no exact timetable, but it will unfold as natural forces command. Those in power will struggle to remain in power and keep the ruler / serf system operating as long as they can; while they will ultimately fail we can't discount their efforts as totally ineffective to get them just one more dance.

I just look at a few markets and I think gold, silver, and bonds (bond interest to increase) are in downtrends that will end in the spring of summer of 2014, while the stock market will have a big run between now and then before falling back to where it is now. I don't think we will see the violent part of the current developing revolution for a few more years. Starvation is probably a few years away.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.