Comment: I'm Latino

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I'm Latino

and even though I am "racist" in the sense that I sometimes generalize things about certain ethnic groups including my own, I can't stand people who think truly believe they are superior to others simply because they are different than them. To me, that innate hatred for other ethnic groups is what's really harmful. And when this poster says there is a "war" against whites, what I really hear is, "How dare they make a white person lose their job just because some niggers were offended!"

As a matter of fact, this whole post just smacks of racist bigotry. "I wonder if those who hung him would have done so if they had seen America in its State as it is now?" So you're saying the state of things have gotten so bad (a well-off white woman losing her job for being disrespectful towards an entire race of people) that your grandfather should have been commended instead for keeping blacks in jail?

This site was made specifically for people who would rather die than not live free, so it puzzles me that they don't understand how offensive that word is to black people. We hate people like Lindsey graham and John Mccain for being oppressive statists, so just imagine how blacks must feel. These people were ENSLAVED by whites. And not enslaved like,"Oh no, I'm a slave to all this debt that I chose to take on," but actual slavery where you, your mom, dad, and kids were all forced to work for a person who thought you were nothing but dirt and invented a word to further degrade you. So of course the word is much more impactful and demeaning when it comes from one of those very same people. And the firing of Paula Deen just shows that the Food Network understands the sensitive nature of that word.