Comment: Defending Freedom

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Defending Freedom

The Germans were defending their homeland from Communism which had destroyed Russia and threatened Germany with riots and a "take-over" of banks and industry causing great harm and destruction. (30 million died in the Communist "take-over" of Russia.) Hitler was fighting the Communism "take-over" and it was/is a fact that most leading Communists were Jews, so, all Jews were rounded up. Millions have died in the last 100 years of the Communist "experiment."
America made a "BIG mistake" when they backed Russia and the communist idea that a government can/may initiate FORCE: (taxes, regulations, prohibitions and war) if its purpose and intention is to do "good." The common people of Europe paid for this mistake. Mistakes are the source of evil and the greatest mistake people can make is to believe they can "initiate force to go good."