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Interesting perspective

I see where you are coming from here and it is very interesting in your distinction. I would like to suggest an insight here where there may be a demonstration of what you call Natural Law and the Law of Nature to be one in the same. The perceptronic neural activity within the human brain conducts electrical signals according to logic. Logic can be deduced to four fundamental logic gates with a minimum of 2 of the four distinct gates (NOT AND aka NAND gate) required to enable a patterning into all logical operational outcomes. The perceptronic activity of the human brain percepts energetic signal stimuli and processes them into experiential memory and response processing nets in the brain. Logic and all bio-opto-sono-odoro-electro-mecha-chemical processing of human physiology is governed by the Law of Nature. The processing of energetic stimuli within nature is what enables and realizes Natural Law you speak of as having a prejudice deductive reasoning. That deductive reasoning is energetic stimuli converted to electrical stimuli that orchestrates a symphony of biochemical processing to animate a human being into patterns of information. All of the stimulated electrical flow must process through logic nets of experience endowed and governed by nature. So in essence thinking is governed by Law of Nature. Stimuli generated from a choice/consciousness/free will is a right recognized by the Law of Nature simply by the fact that you could write your thoughts on this page clearly demonstrates that right endowed to you by Nature.

There is one other irrefutable right that is clearly demonstrated by Law of Nature; Time. If you are here then your time is a right now recognized by the Law of Nature. Sure the Law of Nature will remove your time in the future but anyone existing at any time has been endowed with the right to exist within that time. Clearly this is recognized by the Law of Nature therefore it is a right.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...