Comment: So Tarpley's theory is that

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So Tarpley's theory is that

So Tarpley's theory is that this is all designed to distract us from the Syria intervention, which is just a stepping stone to an Iran intervention.

Well, it seems to me that if they were clever enough to pull off such a distraction they'd at least design one that would have us thinking LESS suspiciously about govt activities, rather than MORE suspiciously, which is the case with the Snowden revelations.

Were we LESS suspicious we'd be more likely to give 'em a pass on their Syria/Iran interventions, but now Americans are on full alert.

Or maybe it's a 3 dimensional chess move that only Tarpley can understand since he already knew all of this before it was revealed.

I keep my mind open to every possibility, but this particular theory doesn't seem all that likely.

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