Comment: Growing your own food on your own homestead....

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Growing your own food on your own homestead....

should be the basis of any economy. Then you can retire with simple means if desired. (It is better than working for the 'man' as a wage-slave for 30yrs, paying into the government/IRS extortion racket, being forced to subsidize a failed public education, saving all your money for retirement only to lose it all along with your home when the artificial debt bubbles collapses, and having to start all over at the age of 65. I digress.)

With a firm grounding of a simple life that is available to all, people can CHOOSE to produce more food than they consume or create another good or service in exchange for any other good or service to increase their standard of living. That is capitalism. That is a free market. Technology just accelerates a person's ability to improve their standard of living. If a technological product is so powerful and so valued, many people will go into producing that product and with competition prices will be lowered for all. A food producer who might have needed to produce 1yrs of food in exchange for that tech product may in the future only have to produce 1 weeks worth of food later. When there is an oversupply of food producers, the costs of food becomes so low others start producing something else that has less supply with more demand and shifts in different sectors of the economy would happen based on the desires and tastes of mankind. There will always be a sector you can participate in to increase your standard of living and if there wasn't you could always just grow your own food and retire on your homestead.

There is really no flaw in free markets. A sustainable society is attainable. Unfortunately the bankers, governments and corporations through governments intervene and create unnatural systems, misallocations of resources, booms & busts before societies eventually collapse.

Increasing your standard of living is a choice and technology makes it easier to do that.. otherwise you can retire sooner living the simple life off the earth.

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