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The playing feild has only 2 sides

Those who force collection of false debt to control those who false debt collection is forced upon. The collection is only a obediance measuring tool. If to disobediant, the opposition can be squalched.

So as it has been for a long time, its slavery, there are those who feel they are the masters, the owners of the (Central bank false debt counterfeiter bank corporations), and those who the false debt is forced (DICTATED) upon.

Me I am not playing, Enlightened disengagementis my tactic, seeds are my weapon. Excuse me im out of the game, dont want the food, water, shelter, nor false debt money. I am not a slave. No basis to bring false debt claims against me. No basis to make claims that I am citizen in support of warmongering, genocidal maniacs.

Thank you for your kind coment.

Who else can come on the playing feild?
In zio-US politics, its like TV WRASTLING the game is so fixed, but only through the glitter and action portrayed by the zio-MSM can they still keep those who watch mesmerized.

Just an evil puppet show that distracts those who watch while ziobank agents rob the onlookers blind.