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How did he pull the curtain back?

Maybe the only thing that matters to you is MORE evidense the USA is operating under patriot acts and not the bill of rights, but for myself.. my concern has been in losing our republic for a global government.. where we are all Palestinians, so to speak.

"Worse yet, its not even being done to investigate a crime, its being done maliciously and tyranically in mass. "
And this makes sense to you? How so? What's the motivation? Why now? Rand is gearing up for an election while Democrats have no one.. is that an accident?

How perfect: "Anything Snowden does after this revelation is inmaterial." for a UNWO that would be true. For a republic, that would not be true.

How do you expect to preserve liberty without a republic?

How did Snowden expose the elites? How did this become NEWS of the world? Suddenly the elites were sleeping? I don't buy that. Since IMO the elites want the masses to be Palestinians, and to do that they have to get the masses to rebuke their republic.. snowden is perfect.

For those who believe in God, we have plenty.. rights can be restored with a republic.. but if we all just from the frying pan of the patriot act and into the fire of a global Palestine for the people.. you're right.

So what will you do? Fight for resoring the republic or fly into the fire for a snowden?