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never read a Bible verse...

You quote Christ as he is telling a parable. A parable. A parable!!

All your Old Testament verses refer to the covenant made between GOD and Abraham - this applies only to those within the covenant. Think of it this way: if I promise to give you 5 bucks, you cant say to someone else 'you promised me 5 bucks' because they were never involved in the promise.

'Knowing your Bible' is not being able to copy and paste, nor is it memorizing 6 sections that support your pre-determined position; knowing your Bible is reading it and understanding the themes and context of the thing while continuing to rely on GOD to help you better understand.

There is no central teaching of Christianity that involves genocide or ongoing murder. The central teaching of Christianity revolves around love, forgiveness, humility, meekness and freely admitting how broken and in need we are as individuals.

"The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle."