Comment: You couldn't be more right!

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You couldn't be more right!

We are living History as it happens. We are seeing centuries of elite centralized control crumbling. We are waking up to a NEW Global Perspective of World events unlike ANY other time in Earth's History. These days are monumental. They are exciting!

And notice, REALLY NOTICE, that the momentum of TRUTH is ever increasing. We keep moving closer and closer to the light while the shadows continue to scatter. There is no "backwards" movement anymore. We have backed the rabid dog into a corner as it foams at the mouth, furiously barking, nipping at its own coming end.

Nothing could stop this unfolding, these revelations. No, not even planned disasters or false flags can blind the people from the real manipulators of this World. I don't even think they could pull off the so called "Final Plan" to maintain their world control with a Fake Alien Invasion. When the World is in a state of mass awakening, an equally opposing "Shock" is needed to counter it. But fake aliens? Really??? I wouldn't be surprised if they at least tried to, I mean, their elite Hollywood arm has been conditioning the masses for an alien invasion for some time now. But, like all the recent "Fear" tactics, it won't hold up to Truth and the courage and Power WITHIN us all!

Here's to being Alive in exciting times!


"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin