Comment: never heard of Taylor--

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never heard of Taylor--

but I get my news from DP--

have no MSM--

not that I would believe it if it were on MSM--

but a day or so ago 'someone' was saying that all these names were bogus anyway, that all these people who are doing 'this and that' aren't even real.

Who does a person believe?

It feels like a tail-chasing game. I remember when someone said, "Ron Paul must be a 'shill' or he'd be dead"--

I chose, at that time, because of his principles in office and his teachings, to reject that view--

so who is real? Who is a 'plant'? I don't know anymore--

I just know that Snowden's 'revelation' helped me to see how far the NSA and this administration had gone towards destroying even more freedoms--

and I've been studying the bad guys at the CIA and FBI for years and have been convinced all along that there are bad things going on--

but this young man made it all seem more 'real'--

So, if he's a plant, what next?

And Taylor?

Taylor blew the whistle on Israel? I won't touch that one with a ten foot pole--

I'd rather not talk about Israel anymore; I'm tired.

But I think America is gone.

Are all the good people gone? No, not at all--

is there hope for the future?

Much hope, I believe--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--