Comment: The BEST PLACE for Edward Snowden is ICELAND

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The BEST PLACE for Edward Snowden is ICELAND

and, if this little country stands up to 1/2 the bullies in American government, because that's all it is, knowing that it's just the politicians but not the American people who are hateful towards Snowden, then, they will realize they have the SUPPORT of the ENTIRE WORLD, foreign governments as Russia, South America & China.

The American government wouldn't DARE do anything to Iceland, or they'd face the WRATH of the ENTIRE WORLD.

So, if there is any hesitation, STOP!

Edward Snowden can hide out all over Iceland without being found by the CIA. Plus, Icelanders will be on the lookout for NON-SPEAKING CIA goons, and turn them in!

I pray for the over 70% of the Christians in Iceland, and over 99% of the good people living there, to support Edward Snowden's citizenship, as he would fit into their culture the best, be safest there, and would be a good addition to their population.