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It may seem that way...

but I don't think it is anti-capitalistic at all. I fully believe in free markets and capitalism and for people to choose whatever path they want. Capitalism allows that choice. It allows someone to do as much as desired to increase the standard of living or as little as desired to sustain themselves. If someone wanted to travel around the world on a jet with fancy clothes, exquisite food and a life of luxury that's a choice and many take that path. However there are others that are content with a simple life. Having the choice is what matters.

In a socialist & statist scenario a town governor would take the fisherman's fish away as a tax, limit how many he can fish any given day, have a curfew so he couldn't sleep late, take his kids away with child protective services for whatever reason, prohibit the wine he drinks and would prevent he and his amigo's from peaceably assembling in the name of fighting terrorists. Someone want to expand on this to make a socialist& statist version of the Mexican fisherman parable?

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