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Excellent points

I see where you are going here. I have pondered this very concept for some time. The conclusion I have reached is somewhat broader with some underlying details.

GIGO- Garbage in Garbage out- A term understood well in Computer Science. The microprocessor of the computer has inherent foundational laws that are predictable and repeatable. The logical capability is general in its possible outcomes but also very strict in its requirement for useful operation. The microprocessor is a logical processing machine where output functionality will be totally useless garbage if incoherent garbage data is input. The same concept goes with the human mind. It will process into a multitude of different ways depending upon the input experiences. However, when it comes to your point about mankind violating natural law your statement is true under an a certain understanding of law. My understanding is that there is a definite threshold where Natural/Law of Nature ends and Common Law begins. Common Law begins at the interaction between more than one man/woman. Natural Law ends at the individual. There is a very distinct reason for this in all Law because the fact that if no injury has been done to another by someone then that man/woman is truly innocent within Natural Law which Common Law should recognize if proper information was exercised within Natural Law of the individual to ensure that corrupted garbage information was not accepted into one's operational being in the first place. In my perspective the first in the hierarchy of all law that is even possible to violate is Common Law. Preceding Divine Law and Natural Law (Law of Nature) are both inviolate and is why the distinction is made into Common Law deriving just powers (powers of justice) from consent of the natural full liability man governed by natural and common law. Legal fictional entities of Common Law cannot be realized without the consent of the real natural man/woman. This is the point where Natural Law of non-conflicting logic transforms into Common Law. If someone operating within Common Law violates any other law then the logical fallacy can be pointed out and the neural nets of experiential logic can be nullified and thus halt the biochemical symphony from enabling motor function of human body. Acting within natural law to halt biomotor functions of the Human body requires extreme amounts of detailed information about the experiential logic nets of the individual one is interacting with otherwise failure of the attempt to shut down motor function will be realized from a lack of information about the experiential logic nets formed. Fortunately Common Law is all written down so one can know the experiential logic nets of those exercise Common Law. The words of Common Law are the experiential logic nets inside the brain and one can utilizing conflicts in logical (logical check mates) to shut down motor function of those who truly live within the Common Law. This also means that one can find those who live outside the law (outlaws) using the same process. Will one admit when logical fallacies are identified and proven or will they continue with into corrupted operation of the mind outside of Common Law? This is how all can be maintained and protected from those who have corrupted logical operations governing their behavior.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...