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Comment: "Use" is also a right ...

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"Use" is also a right ...

... because it is a right of possession, if only for a moment.

If you are using a "community" hammer, can I take it from you by force and use it myself?

If the computer you are using right now as your read this is a "community" computer, do I have the right to tell you to stop using it?

If I do have the right to tell you to stop using it ... THEN STOP USING IT RIGHT NOW!

If you ever, at any time in the future, use that computer for any purpose, then you have violated my communal right to refuse your communal right.

The concept of "communal rights" is a contradiction. Contradictions do not exist in reality, so an idea that is a contradiction is, by definition, false.

Read up on the 3 Laws of Logic: the Law of Identity, the Law of Non-Contradiction, and the Law of the Excluded Middle.

BTW: The reason these sorts of discussion devolve into contradictory concepts like "communal rights" is because the existence of rights is axiomatic. It MUST be true because the opposite CANNOT be true. Being an axiom, it cannot be logically contradicted and any attempt to contradict it must (by definition) assume that it is true.