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I don't agree that Ron Paul stands with ALL countries. Ron Paul stands for ALL countries to DO WHAT THEY WANT without USA aid or entanglements.

There is so much propeganda about Israel and zionists, the more I study, the more I am concvinced that this is not an accident, but rather it's because the UNNWO wants to eliminate Israel and ALL people who want to stabnd ion a land and defend it, want rights and freedom.. rather they want us all to be Palestinians and Syrian Rebels.

There are many kinds of Zionists, and I would be a political one. I believe Israel stabnds for sovreignity and freedom and I support that. I think the Palestinian propeganda is over blown and played to get people to turn away from their own interest.
Not all zionists are Jewish.. true.. though I have decided to begin going to Temple as it appears I have a calling:

Jesus gave us the opportunity to also be chosen by our own FAITH and the grace of God.

The negativity comes from ignorance, jealousy, fear and hatred in the form of arrogance and altrusitism ((((Ira Freeman))))) included.

The obliteration of the Jews has not stopped, it's grown. Just the day before yesterday Gaza shot 6 missles into Israel. Wass it in the news? No. Why not? Israel attacked back. Freankly, I think Israel made a huge mistake giving Gaza back to the Palestinians, since all they've done with it is shoot misles into Israel.. the world doesn't care.. doesn't report it.. and LIES about Israel constantly. The world FEARS the world will wake up and say The Jews were RIGHT. They are.

No country fights against the UNNWO better than Israel.

Maybe if you began to see the head of your fish like this you would understand?

(((((((Nonna))))))) It is not cut and dry.. it is FAITH and LOVE
My deepest blessings to you both.. KNOW I LOVE you.

That 7 headed.. goes to the pleladians, goes to Eqypt.. goes to masonry.. all goers to the Bible..