Comment: Might not seem much to you

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Might not seem much to you

Might not seem much to you poster, but reporting the experience considering the issue at hand, thank you

Feels like it should give me a better understanding, why folks arent up in air waving their hands around :)like lunatics, over this.......i believe with knowledge of why they are'nt, will lead to the knowlede of how to explain these things, in ways THEY understand....without dumbing down the message

So although, your activism was'nt as you hoped, if i got that right, i think personally, you have done an invaluable service, by writing your interesting observation "contriversial"(why is it contriversial?what part of it makes you not want to talk about it, barring the completely uninterested........

"i dont care for numbers, as long as ONE person keeps the freedom flames alive to spread at a later date, although, numbers are good too" :)