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Some more info ...

... Bill Clinton (and by extension, Hillary) is not the only bad guy out there, but he is one of them. He is an excellent (maybe the best) example of someone who was recruited into the system rather than being born into it.

The Bush family was born into it, but Clinton was a student who showed promise and was recruited. He was a Rhodes Scholar, which was something set up by Cecil Rhodes to identify and recruit like-minded people who would be interested in joining the system for global control.

Clinton's college professor at Georgetown was Carroll Quigley, and he is the guy who showed Clinton the ropes and how to get fully inside. Clinton is connected, which is why he became president.

Since he left office, his foundation has ballooned in assets, and many think that is due to corrupt deal making.

Clinton appears to have brokered a deal between Moukhtar Dzhakishev and Frank Guistra, and pocketed a cool $31 million for his foundation as a "commission."

Kazakhstan is rich in natural resources, including the #1 country for uranium production. Dzhakishev is the former head of that country's uranium mining operation, and he was arrested for stealing 60% of the country's uranium deposits.

Gustria is a Canadian financier who "bought" the mining rights from Dzhakishev and sold the shell company for $3.1 billion. (Is it "just a coincidence" that Clinton Foundation's "donation of $31 million was exactly 1% of the sale price of $3.1 billion?)

All this occurred while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

Clinton is buddy-buddy with Gustria through the Clinton Gustria Enterprise Partnership. Is this a charitable entity or just a front for secret business dealings? They are also tied to Carlos Slim, richest man in Mexico and one of the richest in the world.

Gustria also owns Lionsgate entertainment, which is probably chump change for someone who just banked big bucks on a uranium mine.

So ...

Clinton is tied to individuals and companies who produce uranium, as well as Booz Allen Hamilton/CIA/NWO. See how they move money and assets around, get control of natural resources, and utilize media and government for manipulation?

He seems to be trying to become one of the kingpins, like a David Rockefeller. His association with Gustria is evidence of that, as Gustria formed his own organization that is similar to RAND called the International Crisis Group, which is a think tank to come up with policy that MIC types can then carry out. At least, that's what it appears to be.

I think at this point we know WHAT (people who want to control the world's assets, including human), and some of the WHO (people associated with this organizations), but figuring out the HOW is what is missing from most discussions.

The HOW is so important because it is what stands in the way of the average person accepting the WHAT. "OK ... but HOW could they ever pull off such a thing?" is the question that comes up all the time.

Thanks for everyone on this thread for the kind words. If other people have information about the how, please post it in this thread.

The single best source I've seen for understanding the how is G. Edward Griffin's lecture about Carroll Quigley:

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