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you are too arrogant

and too self righteous
you seem to think you are the only one who knows anything at all
about israel,but you are wrong
but go ahead and call it hate fear or whatever it takes to make you feel better
you do not want truth,nor facts
israel won their land in 1948? how did they do that,when it was created
then given to them by the rothschilds? oh thats right,you didn't read my links
this goes back to no facts for the granger
no country fights the UNWO better than israel? how do you figure that? seeing we pay their military
that makes no sense,and you know it,just more propaganda from you
i am drawing a conclusion about you,and it is this,you are just a trouble maker,with nothing better to do,so you come here and spew your lies
just to add gas to the fire,ISRAEL ALL THE TIME !!!
but feel free to do what you want

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence