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Really man...?

I do not want these meeting to be places of conspiracy worship. The meeting went great last night... and low and behold.. a conspiracy theorist showed up!!! He was kind enough to be cool about it.

The point is I will not tolerate disruptive language or behavior at our meetings. Period. Our meetings are not about 9/11 truth, chem-trails, boogiemen or black helicopters.

Our meetings are about reaching our goals and staying focused on WINNING.

Maybe I am not as eloquent as I should be.. or maybe my tipping point dealing with paranoid, irrational, self-defeating, delusional and disruptive behavior has passed.

Regardless, I am not attempting to demonize anybody. The path I wish to take is the one to victory. Dividing this group is unacceptable. Pulling an AJ, going ape sh*t, yelling and screaming about revolution, flouride or lizard people is unacceptable.

I welcome every rational person that wants to join our group. If anyone would like to be productive, help in the community, be respectful.. have some manners.. our arms are wide open to all!!

I just want to clear that up.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul