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Dear Mr. Mdr.5256, let me apologize for not....

Making myself more clear. As far as my Great great Grandfather, C.W.Infinger ,who was hung in front of the city hall in Bruce FL and not given a trial, Google it, I never said he guarded blacks, what I said was he was a Pvt. who guarded prisoners in the Civil war. He was sent to Andersonville to work so your assertion is way off.

But back to you, as someone like myself who was the only white kid living in an all Mexican/Black neighborhood back in the 1960's, my dad was a preacher,let me say that I can say with confidence that for the most part, blacks and Hispanics hate and are envious of white people. "Not all but enough that our prisons are full of blacks and Hispanics who have robbed, murdered, raped, and beaten white people."

Your first sentence said you were a racist, and you said that with some pride, but I have never accepted that I am anything other than a white man who realizes that as "human being" I have a right to want my people to survive. In the last 50 years over 50,000 white people have been murdered by blacks in this Country. This is not my number but comes from the FBI data base. Whites committing crimes against black people were so low they , the federal government,included your race, Hispanic, as being white. Now we both can agree that not even you consider yourself white so why did the federal government do that?

Because White on black crime is so low in this Country the numbers were so disproportionate that the public may start to ask questions so they decided to categorize Hispanics as being white.

In fact there is a trial going on right now where the person was considered white, remember Zimmerman? He isn't white yet the media portrayed him as being white. Now I don't want to digress all that far away from the original topic and that is, in my opinion, Mrs. Deen is being treated unfairly. Let's stick to this topic instead of going down a road and talking about something that you may not want to talk about and that is the onslaught attacks on whites in this Country by people of Hispanic and black decent. It is happening, the prisons show us this yet no one wants to talk about it.

You say you want liberty and so do I but until we can understand why blacks and Hispanics are so violent in this society we can not go to the next step. Liberty for all only works when hate toward all stops. Hate toward Blacks and Hispanics from whites is almost non existent but when you look at the crime statistics you see that the other side is not thinking the same.

Let us not forget the Plan of Sandiago and La Raza to mention just a couple. If you don't think that I had to fight my way to school and had to fight my way home from school everyday then you are being naive. I lived in the "Barrio" so maybe you might want to check your misinformation somewhere else. I am not judging you by anything except your words. Have I had good Hispanic friends? Sure, but none that ever came to my defense against one of their own.

I really want to get off this and pull this back to what my complaint was with the food network. She said she was sorry so why fire her? If her numbers were down, OK, but if they weren't, then why do it? Now do I think they had the right? Sure, just like I have the right not to watch them anymore.