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They took Mussolini's idea and refined it ...

... as he said that "fascism" should really be called "corporatism."

They figured out that beating people over the head was not as effective as giving the illusion of a democratic choice -- which is why they want to limit the choice to just two political parties and they want to control both parties.

The corporations and foundations that are connected to the political system are a super-government that can extend beyond national borders and is where the real decision-making takes place. Among the list are: Council on Foreign Relations and RAND Corporation to create policies, Booz Allen Hamilton and JP Morgan Chase to carry out policies, and Clinton Foundation and Ford Foundation to move money around. That's just US-based entities. Foreign-based entities (the major ones are not publicly known) have the added advantages of privacy and no tax requirements). And of course, let's not forget the super-secret Federal Reserve Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

It's a smart idea (for psychopaths), but that doesn't mean we have to accept it.