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"The Sheriff and the professor knows what few know ... that the de facto (fraudulent) foreign invading corporation ignorantly called "federal government" is actually known as; THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Inc. and WASHINGTON DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Inc., and has absolutely no lawful authority within the 50 state Republic as per their own business charters.

The Forest Service, TSA, FBI, CIA, IRS, FBI, DOJ and every other "department" is a branch of these corporations and is there to ONLY protect the interests of the shareholders of the international financial cartel known as: Empire Of The City domiciled in the Financial District Of London City, England as per the ACTS of 1871, 1913, and 1933. (There is far more to this but, that's a very basic overview and all documented in US Code and supreme court cases.)

We The People must force state government (also inter-connected corporations) to nullify and remove all authority from this invading hostile foreign corporate entity from our Republic and restore our organic Constitution of 1776 that protected We The People and our God-given Rights.

Under the Act of 1871, We The People were collateralized as (chattel) and made bondservants or soulless units of commerce to the international banking cartel to cover the debt and future loans to infinity for this fraudulent corporation pretending to be our government.

In addition, our organic Constitution ratified in 1789, was usurped then altered and lays hidden beneath a de facto fraudulent CON-stitution that became a private business charter that DOES NOT represent anyone in the 50 state Republic.

We The People of the Republic were declared "enemies-of-the-state", by FDR, by Ex order# 2040 and ratified by CON-gress March 9, 1933.

Still think this is YOUR "federal government" ..?"