Comment: For the sake of debate,

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For the sake of debate,

For the sake of debate, whether the man is real or not, the discussion he brought is most deffinatly real, and if he is for real, he is a hero, if he is a fake, well then, they fucked up.......unless their plan for some reason was to reduce the trust the US people have for their government, knowing their lawyer minds, and their sneaky schemes, i wouldnt put it past them........but i strongly suspect they havent intentionally created the volatile environment willfully, just because, they'd have to give up the pretense of a free country, in order to control the outcome of the volatile situation they've created, and in the process of doing so, the process of FORCED CONTROL, more then likely reach and awaken a whole bunch of "unwakeble" people, with direct in everybodies faces, hard to ignore, even more difficult to justify, infringement of rights, no more, quiety, quiety, .........making their situation EVEN worse