Comment: I am in favor of ...

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I am in favor of ...

... the smallest government possible, up to and including an anarcho-capitalist (no government) society *IF THAT IS POSSIBLE* ... or a minarchist government if it is not.

I think that the largest number of people can be converted to smaller government by pushing for enforcement of the Constitution as it is written, along with both the moral and utilitarian arguments for free-market capitalism and liberty.

If enough people get on board with that, then we can discuss whether minarchy or anarcho-capitalism is the way to go (but by then, it won't matter all that much, since the government will be tiny again).

To answer your question: yes, under the Constitution and principles of the Declaration of Independence, it is the US government's job to protect against foreign aggressors, including nuclear attacks. And that should be easy enough to do because their real constitutional powers and duties are limited to very few other things. Whether or not I think even that is too much government is irrelevant because those who ARE the government right now (politicians, bureaucrats, judges) are supposed to be BOUND to that system. I insist they stay bound to that system, regardless of what I think would be ideal.

If we can get back to that level of government in our lifetime, then I am certainly sympathetic to the argument in favor of anarcho-capitalism, but by then it wouldn't matter much, anyway, as the government would be so small. Then, our only concern would be to watch for government or corporate interests that try to re-establish advantages at the expense of others, whether they were doing so through a government or otherwise.