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Please define "How" here.

When you say "How" what do you mean exactly?

The How seems pretty obvious when one realizes the Banking institutions and the Fractional reserve banking combined with illegal drug profits.

I started my journey asking how a plant could be made illegal then I moved into why and how do we have a "war on drugs". This research inherently led to researching banking due to the massive drug money laundering required for the vast cash involved with illegal drugs.

In 2002 I found what I considered to be the final pinnacle of definitive proof of why and how we have a drug war. I took the UN estimated dollar amount of worldwide drug profits of approximately $600 billion then I plugged this amount into the top level of a money multiplier calculator to see how many loans could be generated through the fractional reserve banking system. The amount was beyond astounding: $88 trillion in loans can be generated ANNUALLY from $600 billion in cash injected into the top level of the banking system. Lets put this into perspective; the US military budget is now ~$850 billion, the Gross world product (GWP) is now about $85 trillion. This amount of currency that can be generated from illegal profits was so astounding to me that I realized that groups in control of even a fraction of this amount of currency could build entire private armies and advanced weapons development facilities. They would literally be capable of waging war on the entire world. They only need the cover of "government" to provide a façade of lots of money being spent. Also CATO institute pointed out that IRS reporting of money transfers has a cap of $50 million, so larger transactions do not need to be reported. This enables the drug kingpins to launder vast amounts of cash into the worldwide banking system which can then be fractionally reserved upon loan generation. If you have unlimited cash and access to all worldwide intelligence apparatus then a group could strategically generate loans and contracts amongst companies as to make interlocking dependencies of supply chains. This interlocking dependencies of supply chains enables them to have a failsafe against rogue corporate executives who may get out of line and enables them to exert tremendous influence over markets.

I have a lot more detailed info that I could pull sources on but I would really like for you define exactly what you mean by "How".

The details of How currency is generated is, to me, the real story of How. This leads to one realizing that it all starts with our Birth certificates with the calculated "future profit earning potential" of the certified "person" which is simply the estimated amount that the "taxpayer" will pay back to the IRS over their lifetime. All assets of the "person" is then added to adjusted calculations including every grade in school completed and every grade received, every higher education degree received and every asset registered with the STATE/US, all benefits utilized and every criminal record, as well as all insurance records, all used to calculate the adjusted future profit earning potential that secures the T-bills issued. The birth certificate is also the beginning, and end, source of all the spying and tracking of everyone all for the banksters to have enough intel to keep their currency fraud going as long as possible. This intel enables them vast manipulation over the currency.

Let me know exactly the "How" you are looking for and I will see if I can point you to the sources.

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