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Started to play when

I was seven yrs.old. Actually taught myself. Picked up some hints from a friends father (who was German Jew that was in a concentration camp). We played every now and then on Sundays. I actually became pretty good. Getting older. Friends I had back then all played chess. So it wasn't that there wasn't someone to play with. I taught my mother who was always open to playing. As years went by. Less and less people I know played. I gave it up. I still know the center and some other tricks. But, I'm rusty as hell. I play time to time against the computer. Which is a good way to bring yourself back into thinking three four five moves ahead and not in one pattern but sitting yourself on the opponents side and playing their pieces in your mind to see how they can attack you.
Very interesting and intelligent game. Makes your mind work ahead and think about things in life. What if I did this? What can be the results? A way to exercise your mind and make it think many steps ahead.

Good post, thank you!

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