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"How" ...

... to me is the specific methods used to move money and maintain power.

John D. Rockefeller famously said, "Own nothing, control everything." Ownership can be telling, but it is the control that counts. You mentioned the IRS reporting of bank transfers is exempt for amounts over $50 million. I did not know that, but this is the sort of thing I am talking about.

They use the law as much as possible and then hide anything that is blatantly illegal, thereby allowing a partly plausible explanation for what they are doing.

I am interested in the entities and methods, because that is how the power is built and maintained, and that is where libertarians can counter with their own methods, as well as starve the beast.

Cecil Rhodes laid out the basic "How" by utilizing a series of circles (that he learned about from reading the papers that were discovered when the Illuminati were raided in the late 1700's).

You mentioned loans that can maintain power. Yes, that is one way. If you read up on Warren Buffett and Goldman Sachs, it started out as a loan and morphed into equity. He also got his guy on the Board of Directors. This is a key method of both knowledge and control.

If you had a guy on the BOD of Company X, you would know the major decisions going on, what the company's future was, and you could make a lot of money, too. Having key people on the Boards of Directors is a key tool.

Delaware is used as the main incorporation location in the US because they have court cases that allow large companies to be controlled by directors even where shareholders don't like what is going on. It is almost impossible for shareholders of a Delaware company that is also a public company (SEC) to tell the directors what to do. Shareholder power is an illusion due to the Delaware law and SEC regulations.

In Delaware, I once read a statute that was temporary. If a person formed an entity on a specific date (it was just ONE day), then that entity would have a special exemption from reporting requirements forever.

Likewise, Section 1202 of the Internal Revenue Code had a special exemption for 2010 and 2011 making certain corporations 100% exempt from capital gains tax upon the sale of stock. Obama signed this, even though he claims he is opposed to "the rich."

It is possible to set up entities that are completely exempt from taxes, even though the information is hard to find due to the propaganda against it.

Money is moved around through entities, especially foundations and corporations that have government contracts.

The United Kingdom has special laws for large corporations allowing them to have subsidiaries in tax havens and not pay any taxes, but smaller corporations do not get that exemption.

I could create a libertarian-oriented organization of entities where a couple dozen people participate and no taxes would be paid -- and this would all be under the letter of the Internal Revenue Code that would be upheld by the courts and the IRS, without resorting to constitutional arguments or sovereign/birth certificate stuff.

This is how they play what they see as the game. I am interested in figuring this out because that's the way to expose things in a way that people see clearly what's going on. (Look at the reaction of people in this thread when a few dots are connected.)

When grandma has some investment funds and opens an account at her friend Millie's grandson, the stock broker who works for JP Morgan Chase, JPM then has that money to do with as they please. On the surface, they invest it for a blah blah return. But in reality, they have funds "under trust" that are used to buy controlling interest in the major corporations in the world. This is another tool they use.

I am interested in the tools, how the system is set up and operated.

I know the basics, but I am looking for any specifics. If you have any, let me know.