Comment: This is the Grand Unveiling

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This is the Grand Unveiling

This is the 'Grand Unveiling'.

It's so intrusive it could only be sold as though half the gov't wasn't very happy about it. Which I'm sure many aren't. But it simply could not be hidden anymore. The longer they went along pretending they weren't breaking the law and spying on everyone, the more descent there would be, the greater the cover-up would have to be, and the greater the consequenses when finally proven.
It also happens to be that open-tyranny via a big-brother police state is precisely their goal. They cannot control us with ignorance for much longer, they will have to use fear again, if they will keep their power.
Despite the warnings and outcries from many here on DP and elsewhere that the 'NWO' tyranny is already here, now, as we speak, and the 'S' has 'HTF' already, others still continue to trust the MSM and cling to false "Hope", in apparent denial of the distance down the slippery slope we have slipped.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?