Comment: Why did you take the

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Why did you take the

Why did you take the bait?

This is nothing but a huge distraction to take our eyes and minds off of what's most important right now.

Paula Deen supported Barack Obama, and now she's helping him again.

When all else fails, they play the race card and people fall for it every time!

Paula Deen is being treated unfairly, by political and media design.

They want people to be offended, stir up a bunch of race talk all over the AM dial, and take everyone's attention away from the biggest presidential scandals in modern history, and some guy named Ed Snowden.

I think the best thing for everyone here at the Daily Paul to do right now is completely ignore anything to do with Paul Deen, and get back on track.

Sometimes the best thing to say is...nothing at all, or change the subject.

Let's not get sucked in to this race trap. We know who set it.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.