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Geography will win

They can make many parts of the Earth stop thinking by putting lead into them, but they cannot make all of them stop thinking before they decide that "authority" is exactly that, imaginary in scare quotes, the scare being the fear they put into you saying if you don't give them your attention (and you purse) then bad things will happen from an external aggressor.

But it's generally that internal aggressor that takes the wealth and lives of the people (through taxation and warfare). And these days of spinning our solar system through a higher-energy cloud means we're all waking up.

There's no way to stop this. Even though several people are dying -- Aaron Swartz, Michael Hastings, and others are in prison or on the run, and there are those that we haven't even heard about. And they could gruesomely murder those of us that discuss their crimes. Oh well, I still believe I have freedom of speech and I think those crimes should meet justice. There may or may not be a protector watching over us, and there has definitely been some evil succeeding in the world in the past, but I have hope for the American spirit that this evil that currently befalls our nation will not remain.

But I'll be sure to purchase a car made before 2000. Just in case this post puts me on that list.

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