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1) Either oath or affirmation....most US citizens have affirmed the Constitution as the law of the land.
3) THE USC formed the central government and gave it powers. It was created by the PEOPLE themselves, through their sovereign State governments. The oath is to the people, their sovereign States and the limited power given to the central authority.
4) The main objective was to form a union to protect themselves from the empires of the day. The amendments are the same as the full body, otherwise they would be called addendums...the States already had taxing authority.
5) THE USC did not fail, the PEOPLE failed. The USC is a contract between the dead, the living and the unborn. The government did exactly what governments do, grow. Its the PEOPLE who violated the sacred trust between their ancestors and posterity....our founders warned us, if we get slothful and arrogant and demand security from our central authority we will lose both LIBERTY and security.

The people are not fit for self governance, especially when they grant themselves moral hazards and worship sinners as if they are Christ like. We, the or lose, not win or tie