Comment: It is fraud

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It is fraud

Every system of fractional reserve banking in history has created bubbles of credit followed by contraction of credit. This is done because there is never enough money in circulation to pay off the debt, and so the same group of central bankers can consolidate wealth and power to their own advantage.

This is always done through fractional reserve lending.

These bust cycles of fractional reserve lending are unavoidable in any fractional reserve lending system, it happens when people loose confidence in the currency. And that is the fraud. It's no different from a ponzi scheme.

Its always done by the central banks so your post saying that were not talking about central banks is BS.

A currency should not be based on CON-FIDENCE. A currency should be "as good as gold", and it was for the first 100 years of this nation until the fraud of the federal reserve was created.

Fractional reserve is all fraud fraud fraud.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon