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1. Most citizens are not US citizens and have not affirmed the Constitution. I'm sorry, you are incorrect on that.

2. The USC had no authority to give the central government powers. Therefore, it could not and did not do so. I'm sorry, you are incorrect on that too.

Furthermore, it was not created by the people. It was created by a certain elite group. Where do you get this nonsense?

3. The amendments are not the same as the main body. That is why they are called amendments. There is no such thing as authority.

4. The main objective was the legitimization of taxation by the initiation of force at the federal level. They already had a confederacy to protect themselves.

5. A contract requires consent. I do not consent, much less have the unborn done so. Almost everything you have written is nonsense. You don't mean "We, the people," you mean "We, the psychopaths."