Comment: Bad would be understating it.

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Bad would be understating it.

National theft is bad, slavery is bad.

But you fail to mention the real bad part. THE money created to cover the inflation caused by the fractional reserve system is counterfeited by a EUROPEAN/IzUnREAL ROTHSCHILD family owned central bank corporation. Its digitized out of thin air. NOT AS MONEY but as a COMPOUNDING (See the reverse miricle of compounding debt.) but as a phony national debt. WHereby the shill installed political puppets go along with it enriching themselves with the FEDERAL RESERVE DEBT NOTES, while promoting ever increasing IRS collections of this phony debt. They dont need money if they have that KEYBOARD at the federal reserve bank. THey foist the false National Debt as a DEBT SLAVE CONTROL MECHANISM. Using the claims of FALSE DEBT, IRS NATIONAL DEBT COLLECTION to justify extortion, theft, prison, torture, and murder.

Yet I stills see these people try to teach me how bad fractional reserve is as if it even matters compared to the way the sovereign national curency is created as compounding debt.

THE REAL NEWS - just about every country has the zionist Rothschild central fasle debt slave crime bank.

Why worry about inflation from fractional resever when the IRS is taking you off to prison for failure to pay national debt collection.