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Comment: There is NO doubt

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There is NO doubt

that the government, both zombie parties, want to punish him severely. The evil pours out of them through the pores in their skin, and the burning fire in their eyes.

I agree, and this is EXACTLY why I think Edward should GO TO ICELAND today.
Take that jet and go!

Iceland is a neutral country, therefore it would not bolster their SPY ACCUSATION.

Some Iceland politicians had once said that he would have to be there in order to apply for citizenship, or asylum, so I think that's exactly what he needs to do. Let those few politicians have their way then! Edward needs to go, and he NEEDS to take that chance!!

Picking Ecuador is contentious and NO guarantee that The CIA won't hire some criminal gangs to murder him. If anything bad happened, or at the least, if they arrested him, I'd MUCH RATHER be in Iceland than in Ecuador for then, they would have a really hard time making that accusation stick. In fact, they may just leave him alone in Iceland and let the whole story die down, twist in the wind with their "State" Media, doing their damage control here.